Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Friends with Benefits gifts.

Oh how lucky am I?  I was so excited to open my parcels and see what was inside.  It was so nice to make new friends and then receive gifts from these 2 women I had never met but had become close to via email.  I really love this blogland!

This was my parcel from Lynn.  I was so spoilt!  I love the bear - he is just the cutest thing and I had to give baby bear 2 strick instructions that he was MINE and not hers, lol.

Lynn also included this tiny angel book mark  - it is just beautiful, don't think the photo really does it justice.

My gift from Laura had me amazed - her stitches were so tiny and perfect and neat!  I was a little ashamed of my cumbersome stitches on her things.  She also included a fat quarter of material - always a lovely gift and somethings for the kids.

A final thank you needs to go to Kathy for organising this swap.  I asked her when she would be running another one, she said she needed a rest first.

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