Monday, August 27, 2012


This time 14 years ago, I was recovering from an emergency C-section and cuddling a brand new baby with a full head of hair.
Hard to believe that baby is now taller than me, is hairy all over and has just started shaving...
I love this shot - he does not.  He said it couldn't go on Facebook - he didn't say it could not go on my blog.  Sorry baby bear #1.  All that hot air gushing out of his cheeks to blow the candles out so we could have cake before rushing out the door.  His Dad called in to help sing Happy Birthday before he went on night shift.

Happy Birthday - you are an incredible person, filled with so many wonderful qualities, even if you do barrack for Essendon...

Well we are rushing out for baby bear #3's swimming lesson and then baby bear #1 has an interview for Scout of the Year for our region.  He was also nominated last year - he didn't win but that's OK.  Being nominated is pretty special in its own right.

Looking forward to the next 14 years - oh and you will have moved out by I can have my craft room back.  I lost it 14 years ago when you were born and I don't mind a bit, but it will be nice to have it day ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I'm working on a blue version of this quilt - no applique and no colours, just blue.  One down and a whole lot still to go...

On a positive I did get all of the 2.5 inch squares cut for my Great Granny quilt last night, but that's as far as I got.  I spent most of the morning in the garden preparing for an inspection next week so sewing is on hold for the meantime.

Lucy is recovering well.  She is eating and drinking again and venturing out into the yard with supervision.  Hopefully by Monday she will be well enough to stay outside while I'm at work.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lucy - don't look if you are squeemish...

Normally of an afternoon as I turn the corner into my court, my cat Lucy comes running as soon as she hears the automatic garage door start to open (it is very loud and can be heard from a long way off).  She then usually tends to sit in the middle of the driveway so I can't drive in - it's like a game to her, some might even call it 'chicken'.  Eventually she moves out of the way so I can park the car and then she plonks herself right where I step out of the garage and onto the back porch.  Lucy likes to meow at me and have a good roll come scratch while watching me not trip over her.  One of these days I probably will land on her.

Anyway, this afternoon none of the above ritual happened.

As I drove in I thought she might be on the porch waiting already as it was a cold old miserable day.

Nope.  Nothing.

Next thing I see her at the back door and she very pathetically mews at me.

It is then that I realise something is wrong.  She is all foofed up, her fur is dishevelled and she is not herself.  She is bleeding from one eye and moving very gingerly.

Yep.  She's been attacked.  Again.

She has a puncture wound to her face and a cut above her eye.  The vet is unsure at this stage if there is any damage to the eye itself.  We are hoping it is just the eye lid.  She has had an injection of antibiotics - fingers crossed this does the trick and she won't need surgery on her face like one other time.

This is her the next morning.  She slept on the quilt the kids always fight over - it's so very soft and old and comfy.  She tolerated me moving her from the couch onto my bed and I didn't sleep to well, just checking her as she was pretty beat up.  She hasn't eaten or drunk anything but she does purr when I talk to her and stroke her.  Her eye is still swollen but not completely closed over - so fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


For anyone who is either a Primary School Teacher or has children at Primary School in Victoria, you would be very aware that there are only 4 weeks left of this term.


Where did the last 6 weeks go?

All I can keep thinking about is my lack of success with OPAM , the fact that I really need to get a wriggle on with my Christmas angel and now I've gone and signed up for a black and white bag swap.

All the while I keep buying fabric and books, rulers and notions...and my sewing mojo is still M.I.A. - only without the A.

Oh and I am also making 2 dolls for school for our mascots for C.A.S.S.E.

What am I to do?  Anyone want 3 kids for a while so I can try and attempt to sew?  Anyone?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Argh...the weather here continues to be less than appealing on the weekends.  Rain, rain, rain and now the wind. Blah...

Baby bear #2 had a netball final this morning.  It was dreadfully windy and those poor girls, I lost count of the number of times that ball was thrown only to end up somewhere completely random due to the wind.  We missed so many scoring opportunities due to the wind.  It was a rather dismal game.

On a brighter note I did score one of these


and one of these


and one of these


and one of these


and a new 60 degree angle ruler and a jelly roll of the Generals' Wives by Windham Fabrics - thought it might be useful for my Alexander's Bean Pot quilt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hungry...for books

I L.O.V.E. books.  It is no secret and I openly admit it.  I spend money on 2 things - crafts and books.  I love how you can be transported to anywhere with a good book.  I love that you can learn things with a good book.  I love that I can share books with my kids.

Up until now none of my baby bears were particularly fond of books like myself.  They enjoyed picture story books as small children but the more independent reading has been a necessity only kind of task for them.

I have bought countless number of books in an effort to try and spark an interest like mine only to not succeed.

Until this year. 

Baby bear #2 has decided she likes books.  She actually wants books.  She wants to discuss books.

I'm over joyed. Yippee I say.

We have just bought these:

                                            The Hunger Games       Catching Fire      Mockingjay

She has been talking about them for awhile now.  We have watched the movie and are now going to read the books.

Can't wait to introduce her to Mr. day.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A cute find

It is no secret that I really like Nancy Halvorsen's designs.  I have bought a few of her books and patterns over the years and made bits and pieces from them, adapting some of her designs to my own projects.

So when I stumbled upon this site, you can imagine how excited I was and probably how much I spent.

My parcel arrived today - yippee but with so many projects already on the go, the funk I'm in and the determination to knock off some of the things on my ever growing 'to do' list , I will not start any of the projects in this book until later.

Anyone want to bet to see how long it is before I crack and give in to temptation?

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Baby bear #1 went to baseball and took one for the team - his words.  Boy oh boy, ouch!  He is going to be sore for a couple of days.

On the sewing front, my funk is still here and driving me stir crazy.  I did manage a very small token sewing project of replacement heat packs.  I made one rectangular one for the small of my back, a 5 section long one for around my neck and then these 2 teeny tiny hand warmers for a lady at work.  She is skin and bones and feels the cold more than most and does car park duty at our drop off zone most mornings.

I think she will enjoy the warmth they bring.  Pity I didn't think to make them at the start of winter rather than at then end.  It;s so nice now going to work in day light and coming home in day light.  It was still light at 6 p.m. tonight - spring is on its way!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I need help. 

I picked up my sewing machine on Monday and sewed for 10 minutes.  Since then it has sat idle. 

Each night I pick up my embroidery that I have on the go, go through them only to put them down again. 

I keep buying books, patterns and fabric, but do nothing with them. 

I think I've lost my funk, my groove thing, my mojo...

I feel lousy and I want it back - any suggestions?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally arrived

I ordered a book months ago only to be told it wasn't released yet and I was placed on a waiting list.

I got home today and baby bear #1 said he had put the mail on my bed.

There were two parcels from Fishpond.  One was a maths problem book for school - I won't show you that one and the other one was...

It is filled with very cute things.  I'm beginning to think of Christmas presents for teachers and my Christmas Angel.  Decisions, decisions, so many projects but who to give them to...maybe I will make 2 of everything and keep some for myself.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tilda fest

I have recently bought the following;

and this

and this

and finally this

all from this aawesome place. Now, does anyone want to look after 3 bear cubs for me so I can actually use these books without interruption?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back at it

I started this a little while has been a pick-up and put-down type of project.  If I'm honest, it's been more down than up.  I think it is because I was never really prepared for all of the stitching around the appliqued fabrics pieces and then all of the back stitched details and french knot eyes...

An Angels Story

It really is a beautiful quilt and I do like the fabrics that were used for the kit when I bought it a few years ago - ok, it was 3 years ago.  I just need things to move faster sometimes when I'm making things and I get distracted and side tracked by other beautiful quilts and projects.

So i am putting it out there that I will not start another applique/stitchery quilt until this one is done.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

An amazing find

I am always on the look out for good quality fabric at the best possible price and with good customer service too.  This morning I happened to stumble across a business that offers all that and more.

Marcia - the owner (and it is a family run business) was in almost immediate email contact with me about a question I placed with my order and then found me more of what I was looking for.  I think that is a mighty fine thing to do for a customer she has never met and knows nothing about.  Marcia was very generous and this is partly why I am posting about this business.

I am not being paid or given anything for this - I am doing this because I was genuinely impressed.  I spend a lot of money on fabrics, patterns, books and other quilting and stitching supplies.  I shop online frequently and I use a few online stores that are highly marketed and fairly well known.

It was purely by luck that I came across Rossville Quilts.  I am so glad I did as they had the fabric I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere else.

The prices are great - depending what you are looking for and there seems to be loads on sale (and I think their online prices are always low) and I'm told they sometimes offer a half price international shipping deal.

So the next time you are thinking of buying fabric online, I can thoroughly recommend Rossville Quilts.

Friday, August 3, 2012


She is 12!

Yep, my little girl is 12 today and it was a double celebration as she was also Confirmed tonight in our Church.

Why is it impossible for 3 children to all smile nicely at the same time so their mother can take a half reasonable shot?

Surely it's not too much to ask for...

#1 decides to rub his nose right as I take the photo - yeah who does that?  Apparently 14 year old boys.  #2 decides she is not going to smile because her brothers are annoying her on her birthday - now that's a first...and #3, well it's almost impossible to get him to look at a camera, let alone smile properly, so his is too bad...

This was the best they had to offer...what a shocking picture.  If they go missing and the police ask me for a recent photo and I hand them this...#1 is telling me something, #3 is looking at something that captured his interest and #2, well it's her birthday and Confirmation and she was cranky at me  because I tried to straighten her unruly mop of tangle red curls.

She did pose for this one for her brother - he likes to fiddle (more on that later) and it's not bad.

There was this very nice on of her with the principal of our school - yep, he is my boss.

This one with her sponsor and look, its almost a REAL smile from her...think the nerves were setting in about the reading she had to do.

And then it was all over.  Here she is with our Bishop - Christopher Prowse.  She took Grace as her Confirmation name.  When I asked her why she had chosen Grace, she simply stated that it was because I called her "my saving grace" and at times she is.

She is an amazing girl, growing into and even more amazing young woman.  She spoke with such poise and dignity and grace recently at her interview for secondary school.  I am so very proud of her.

Love you Miss Mouse - to the moon and back xxx.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Baby bear was born on 3/8/2000 at 8 am...she's almost 12.

I have been hearing about this fact for W.E.E.K.S. now...

She is so very excited and is even talking about next year's birthday (what????).

This afternoon after school we raced around and got all the things we needed to make cupcakes for school.  Normally I play the "I'm a working Mum" card and opt for lolly pops - didn't cut it this year as tomorrow night she and many other grade 6 children from our Parish are being Confirmed.

She is excited and disappointed at the same time.

So we baked and fingers are now a strange colour.

I still have no idea why Cookie Monster was chosen...he is kind of cute in a weird way and they all look the same and yet so different.

I'm now just thinking about all of the blue mouths and tongues at school tomorrow...

Luckily she only has one birthday a year!  Now what I really want to know is, do these 24 Cookie Monster cupcakes qualify as an OPAM finish?