Thursday, August 2, 2012


Baby bear was born on 3/8/2000 at 8 am...she's almost 12.

I have been hearing about this fact for W.E.E.K.S. now...

She is so very excited and is even talking about next year's birthday (what????).

This afternoon after school we raced around and got all the things we needed to make cupcakes for school.  Normally I play the "I'm a working Mum" card and opt for lolly pops - didn't cut it this year as tomorrow night she and many other grade 6 children from our Parish are being Confirmed.

She is excited and disappointed at the same time.

So we baked and fingers are now a strange colour.

I still have no idea why Cookie Monster was chosen...he is kind of cute in a weird way and they all look the same and yet so different.

I'm now just thinking about all of the blue mouths and tongues at school tomorrow...

Luckily she only has one birthday a year!  Now what I really want to know is, do these 24 Cookie Monster cupcakes qualify as an OPAM finish?


  1. How cute! I hope her day is wonderful. She will always remember those cookie monster cupcakes, it's worth the time and effort :)

  2. You are amazing. The cakes are sensational. You are certainly a fabulous mum.


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