Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little something

I'm trying to force myself to have a go at blocks I haven't really either tried or mastered in an effort to become a better quilter.

I really want to have a go at the Farmer's Wife - I bought the book almost 2 years ago and have looked at the pages many, many times.  That's as far as I have gone.  I keep seeing blogs that showcase these awesome selections of Farmer's Wife blocks and quilts.

I'm almost ready to jump in...

So I decided to make just one of the blocks in the book.  I thought one, just one, would be manageable.  I decided to Google and found an easier version of this block.

In the Farmer's Wife the red pieces of fabric are made up of smaller triangles stitched together.  This version has only 8 pieces and was easy-peasy. 

So what are your thoughts on fudging with the Farmer's Wife?  Is it OK to make the blocks simpler if you still get the same shape?  Should you stick to the book and do it all as instructed?  Me, well I'm the original lazy-give me a short-cut quilter and will cheat paper piecing and pointed seams if I can.

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