Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She's done!

Yay!  Hip hip hooray!

Finally after months of waiting, sometimes working, more waiting...

She is finished.

And she is finally on my bed, where she belongs (now collecting silver tabby cat fur like all my other quilts - why won't she sleep on her own things???)

Just before I took this photo baby bear #3 (the one with Autism) decided to mess up the quilt because he had been waiting to use it.  Hhhhmmm, wasn't this the same kid who so kindly told me earlier this year that this house had too many quilts and I was to stop making them?  Go figure.

I ended up stippling all over in sections - she was just so big and I didn't think I was capable of tackling such a beast with an unfamiliar free motion stitch.  I did give in to the urge to try something and did pebbles in the centre of each othe the coloured blocks.  I was happy enough with the result - for a first attempt.

Dear Stella, I love you, but never again.

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