Friday, July 20, 2012

More fabric

I think I may have a slight problem...

You see, the postie is making frequent trips to my place of work and my home...

I think I may just have to buy him a Christmas present for all the deliveries he has been doing.  He is very sweet and now just leaves things on the front porch for me - letters as well as parcels.

I keep buying books from this place - I justify it by buying some for work - that is ok, right? And the rest of the stuff he delivers looks like this:

Sorry really bad iPhone photo...

This was necessary to complete the Chrstmas aprons I have to make as gifts for certain special people.

Have been looking for THIS everywhere and finally found a fat quarter bundle (yay me).

And this lot.  I love it...and I also purchased and additional few metres to make a really super cute dress for summer for baby bear 2.

So does anyone else out there have a problem like mine?

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