Sunday, August 12, 2012


Baby bear #1 went to baseball and took one for the team - his words.  Boy oh boy, ouch!  He is going to be sore for a couple of days.

On the sewing front, my funk is still here and driving me stir crazy.  I did manage a very small token sewing project of replacement heat packs.  I made one rectangular one for the small of my back, a 5 section long one for around my neck and then these 2 teeny tiny hand warmers for a lady at work.  She is skin and bones and feels the cold more than most and does car park duty at our drop off zone most mornings.

I think she will enjoy the warmth they bring.  Pity I didn't think to make them at the start of winter rather than at then end.  It;s so nice now going to work in day light and coming home in day light.  It was still light at 6 p.m. tonight - spring is on its way!

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