Monday, August 27, 2012


This time 14 years ago, I was recovering from an emergency C-section and cuddling a brand new baby with a full head of hair.
Hard to believe that baby is now taller than me, is hairy all over and has just started shaving...
I love this shot - he does not.  He said it couldn't go on Facebook - he didn't say it could not go on my blog.  Sorry baby bear #1.  All that hot air gushing out of his cheeks to blow the candles out so we could have cake before rushing out the door.  His Dad called in to help sing Happy Birthday before he went on night shift.

Happy Birthday - you are an incredible person, filled with so many wonderful qualities, even if you do barrack for Essendon...

Well we are rushing out for baby bear #3's swimming lesson and then baby bear #1 has an interview for Scout of the Year for our region.  He was also nominated last year - he didn't win but that's OK.  Being nominated is pretty special in its own right.

Looking forward to the next 14 years - oh and you will have moved out by I can have my craft room back.  I lost it 14 years ago when you were born and I don't mind a bit, but it will be nice to have it day ;)


  1. Happy birthday to him! Though he may not want his picture on FB now, one day when he is older he will enjoy looking back and seeing the photos that you share. :)

  2. Good looking young man Claire...I bet he had the best day, love those candles...


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