Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lucy - don't look if you are squeemish...

Normally of an afternoon as I turn the corner into my court, my cat Lucy comes running as soon as she hears the automatic garage door start to open (it is very loud and can be heard from a long way off).  She then usually tends to sit in the middle of the driveway so I can't drive in - it's like a game to her, some might even call it 'chicken'.  Eventually she moves out of the way so I can park the car and then she plonks herself right where I step out of the garage and onto the back porch.  Lucy likes to meow at me and have a good roll come scratch while watching me not trip over her.  One of these days I probably will land on her.

Anyway, this afternoon none of the above ritual happened.

As I drove in I thought she might be on the porch waiting already as it was a cold old miserable day.

Nope.  Nothing.

Next thing I see her at the back door and she very pathetically mews at me.

It is then that I realise something is wrong.  She is all foofed up, her fur is dishevelled and she is not herself.  She is bleeding from one eye and moving very gingerly.

Yep.  She's been attacked.  Again.

She has a puncture wound to her face and a cut above her eye.  The vet is unsure at this stage if there is any damage to the eye itself.  We are hoping it is just the eye lid.  She has had an injection of antibiotics - fingers crossed this does the trick and she won't need surgery on her face like one other time.

This is her the next morning.  She slept on the quilt the kids always fight over - it's so very soft and old and comfy.  She tolerated me moving her from the couch onto my bed and I didn't sleep to well, just checking her as she was pretty beat up.  She hasn't eaten or drunk anything but she does purr when I talk to her and stroke her.  Her eye is still swollen but not completely closed over - so fingers crossed.

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