Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hungry...for books

I L.O.V.E. books.  It is no secret and I openly admit it.  I spend money on 2 things - crafts and books.  I love how you can be transported to anywhere with a good book.  I love that you can learn things with a good book.  I love that I can share books with my kids.

Up until now none of my baby bears were particularly fond of books like myself.  They enjoyed picture story books as small children but the more independent reading has been a necessity only kind of task for them.

I have bought countless number of books in an effort to try and spark an interest like mine only to not succeed.

Until this year. 

Baby bear #2 has decided she likes books.  She actually wants books.  She wants to discuss books.

I'm over joyed. Yippee I say.

We have just bought these:

                                            The Hunger Games       Catching Fire      Mockingjay

She has been talking about them for awhile now.  We have watched the movie and are now going to read the books.

Can't wait to introduce her to Mr. day.

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  1. Loved 'The Hunger Games'! My other recently rediscovered favourite author is Kenneth Oppel. We enjoyed the bat series that started with 'Silverwing' and I just finished the trilogy that started with 'Airborn'. Great storytelling, boy and girl heroes, excitement, drama, suspense, even a little romance... Terrific!


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