Sunday, August 19, 2012


For anyone who is either a Primary School Teacher or has children at Primary School in Victoria, you would be very aware that there are only 4 weeks left of this term.


Where did the last 6 weeks go?

All I can keep thinking about is my lack of success with OPAM , the fact that I really need to get a wriggle on with my Christmas angel and now I've gone and signed up for a black and white bag swap.

All the while I keep buying fabric and books, rulers and notions...and my sewing mojo is still M.I.A. - only without the A.

Oh and I am also making 2 dolls for school for our mascots for C.A.S.S.E.

What am I to do?  Anyone want 3 kids for a while so I can try and attempt to sew?  Anyone?


  1. Wow you are going to be busy. Thankfully we still have 5 weeks left for the term. Crazy how quick it has gone.
    I have also signed up for the Black and White Bag swap... Can't wait to begin...

  2. take the pressure off Claire and just tackle things one at a time and you will be finished before you know it.xx


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