Monday, August 13, 2012

A cute find

It is no secret that I really like Nancy Halvorsen's designs.  I have bought a few of her books and patterns over the years and made bits and pieces from them, adapting some of her designs to my own projects.

So when I stumbled upon this site, you can imagine how excited I was and probably how much I spent.

My parcel arrived today - yippee but with so many projects already on the go, the funk I'm in and the determination to knock off some of the things on my ever growing 'to do' list , I will not start any of the projects in this book until later.

Anyone want to bet to see how long it is before I crack and give in to temptation?


  1. Aghh give in to temptation :) especially if it help you get your grove back :) go on, off you go, open it :o)

  2. Sharon i think you are leading Claire astray,lol,lovely buys Claire.xx


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