Saturday, January 4, 2014

Long time...

No blogging.

Well sometimes that happens - it's life and at times there are just not enough hours in the day to achieve everything you would like to.

Enough said.

End of school - finally.
Christmas - been and gone.
New Year - been and gone.

What have I been up to...

buying fabrics, buying books, hair cuts (yikes), hospital, medals,
awards ceremonies, a new bag for a teenager and saying goodbye to our
family home of 10 years.

presents I sent to 2 of my friends - Sharon has reported that her
daughter is able to fit into the beach bag...not sure that is a good thing.

Gifts I sent Simone as part of our Santa swap -
snowman thread holder, mini heat pack, zippered pouch,
flour sack tea towel, chocolate, table topper,
sack/bag and fat quarters.threads.

My gifts from Simone - I was so very very spoilt!
Thank you Simone!
There may or may not have been chocolates included...someone
may or may not have eaten them prior to the photos...

My last gifts from Sharon as part of our swap with Mrs Martin -
a table topper and a cover for my Go-cutter.

Phew - I think that's it apart from a gift from Shez - I don't have photos
but the hand towel is perfect!
For once nobody is stealing it!!

I need a holiday at the beach now...


  1. You were spoilt with some great gifts - you spoilt others too and it looks like you will be having some fun with your new goodies

  2. Phew Clare what a busy lady you have been.. Lots of beautiful gifts sent and received.. Bet it's nice being in your new home.. wishing many happy years there...

  3. Beautiful gifts sent and received. Life does just get too busy sometimes.

  4. Congrats on the new house and surviving the move. I must say I was super spoilt by the gifts you sent me. Thank you my friend. xx

  5. You sure have been busy. Lots of great stitching too.
    Moving house is so much work both before and after. Good luck with settling in.


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