Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christmas in July

This is a swap I did last year and enjoyed it so much
that I came back again this year.

I was given Peg to make for.

First up is a wall hanging of the Nativity.
It's a Jan Patek pattern called
Christmas 101.

A little wall hanging with holly.

An apron for when Peg does her kitchen thing...
me personally I don't do much in the kitchen - just ask my kids!

A Santa wall hanging.

A Rudolph for the tree.

Another decoration for the tree,
this time a wreath.

Sideways chocolates, just because.

All carefully wrapped by my daughter and then shoved in
an express post bag by the lady at the post office because
I wasn't sure if it would fit - so she kindly made it fit.

Peg if things were a little scrunched - I apologise.

Ah...now when is the real Christmas?


  1. You look good in my apron Claire....LOL....I was totally blown away ....so very generous Claire...I love and will cherish all of my gifts....another big hug.....xx

  2. Claire beautiful gifts for the gorgeous Peg and getting all that done in between moving - well done.

  3. The gifts you made for Peg are just gorgeous, Claire. I can see she just loves what you sent.

  4. WOW...so very cute all of them! No wonder Peg was so HaPPy!
    I'm pleased you played along again with us too! :)

  5. Hi Clairebear love all the gifts you made for Peg,you have put so much time into such lovely gifts,well done my friend.xx

  6. Lovely gifts you made for Peg. The little reindeer is sew cute....

  7. Those are magnificent gifts .... so much lovely work and I know Peg loved it all...

  8. Well done. Gorgeous swap gifts!


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