Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Carmel

Tomorrow is Carmel's birthday! 

She gets to spend it with all of the kids, teachers, aides and office staff at our school.  She will get to go before the entire school to collect her birthday certificate and we will all sing to her. 

There will be a cake at recess for her and all the staff.

Carmel is also getting a present tomorrow, a special present.  You see Carmel is not only my friend, my colleague, my support, my inspiration, one person I aspire to be more like, someone whom I greatly admire and love, BUT she is most importantly the teacher of my Autistic son. 

She deserves a medal.  OK so we didn't quite give her a medal, it was an avocado a couple of weeks's OK, she LOVES them.

Tomorrow Carmel gets a box of chocolates and this...

Happy Birthday Carmel - I hope you know how much we love you, value you and appreciate all that you do!

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