Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I love the postie

I love it when the postie brings me parcels at work.  My students were so excited about the mystery package.  I let a couple of the boys take off the outer plastic bag (man those things are hard to open!).  They were having so much fun, that I let a couple more open the cardboard envelope...ripped apart like you wouldn't believe...and inside what beauties!  My students were nowhere near as excited as me - go figure!

We did then use some of the fabrics for an impromptu maths lesson on measurement (which is really funny when we use metric and the U.S.A. uses imperial, so I was doing this weird kind of quick conversion between the 2 and I think my students all know what a fat quarter is) and decided that the nice folks at Hawthorne Threads cut their fabrics generously. 

Now if I could only find enough time to put these treasures to good use...

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