Saturday, October 27, 2012


I am a little disappointed this time with my FNSI results for a few reasons.  Last time I was well prepared and home alone and got heaps done, this time I had been on a massive excursion with school (that I had organised so had stressed about and not slept properly the night before - worrying about it being a flop, the weather being bad, all those silly things that you have no control over and should have know better considering my Choice Theory training...) and kind of fell asleep as I was waiting for the kids to return when I should have been sewing and so when they did return, well it was madness.  They were full of stories and such form the last 3 days while they had been with their Dad.

The other reason I'm a little disappointed is because of all of the secret sewing going on and so I can't show proper pictures and talk about them.  I did finish one project and started another.

I'm starting to worry (- oh gosh that whole stress/Choice Theory thing happening again...)that I won't have all of my secret sewing bits and pieces done on time and I can't email people because it's all secret...

Well, the little bit of time I did get for FNSI was productive - hope others enjoyed their FNSI.


  1. Just keep stitching away and you will get it done in time Claire.
    Look forward to your reveal...

  2. Every little bit helps get you closer to finishing. And you could always hold your own FNSI next FNSI or have a SNSI (Saturday or Sunday).

  3. dont panic Claire i think we all think that,i just tackle one thing at a time if you look at the whole pic i think it gets overwelming,so tackle one swap at a time.xx

  4. Just keep stitching away, and it is amazing how things gradually get finished. Your secret sewing looks lovely. Oh and I am a trying-to-reform-worrier too :)

  5. Just keep plodding on. It will happen.


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