Saturday, November 17, 2012

FNSI - bah disaster!

This is what my FNSI needed.  Oh boy do I need a do over....

Picture this...Grade 3/4 teacher in the midst of writing reports, not sleeping, had 2 days out of the classroom for professional development requiring 5 hours of travel both days...get the picture?

Yep, I'm feeling something like this, but much worse, perhaps throw some of this in as well...

So all I want is to get one thing finished...stitchery complete (YAY) and then to put the borders on (YAY) and the binding...
For the first time EVER (not to mention last time) I decided to save time and trim the edges after stitching on the binding before I turned it to stitch down....with my rotarty cutter...

I cut off the corner of the binding on 2 corners, rendering the whole binding strip useless...should have stuck to scissors.
Not happy...


  1. Oh Claire slow down and smell the roses.. You do have a lot on your plate and when we rush around things go wrong.. Not good and I understand why you are pulling out your hair.
    Good luck with your binding....

  2. Oh No Claire.....I totally agree with Maria.....big deep breath, now let it out....xx

  3. Oh no Claire. I feel your pain about PD and reports. Deep breaths and start again.

  4. oh noo Claire i agree with Maria,take a big breath it will all be okay my friend.xx

  5. Poor you. Just take it easy and come back to the binding when you can focus on it without worrying about other things. Hope this week gets better.


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