Monday, November 5, 2012

Graduation Dress

Soon, very soon baby bear #2 will finish Primary School and venture off into the world of Secondary School, but not before her Graduation Ceremony.

It begins with a family Mass at our Parish Church and then onto a formal dinner with proper dancing and only parents are invited - no siblings.  This posed a tricky dilemma for my, what to do with baby bear #3 who is reluctant to go anywhere or stay with anyone and leaving him with baby bear #1 for longer than 30 minutes is just inviting trouble....thankfully my friend Carmel has said she will take him...just to tell him.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Graduation Ceremony.  Apparently there is no way a girl can graduate in a dress she has already worn - who knew?  So as I was starting to feel sick to my core about having yet another sewing project on my already massive pile I decided NOT to make her dress.

Yep, I threw in the white towel and we headed out for the shops.

Thank you Target!  You have saved my life.

She was so happy to find this little dress as was I.  Now I've booked her hair appointment - thinking some up, some down and some enhanced curls, not her usual natural mass of tangled curls that look like some sort of animal lives in there.  I may make a lady out of her yet!


  1. how pretty she looks ,love her dress,have a good night love.xx

  2. She looks beautiful. Is she having fake nails? Last year at my sons Grade 6 graduation dinner all the girls had the nails! At closer inspection they were the sick on ones from the chemist, but was funny to watch them try to do stuff :o)


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