Thursday, December 6, 2012

What a Pain in the...


This morning after my shower as I was racing around to get ready for work I accidentally (because nobody in their right mind would do this on purpose) walked into the end of my bed with my right foot, or more exactly my little toe.

This photo was shortly after said incident - red and sore.  No shoes for me today - a thong day (which really is a no-no at school).

This is a few hours later as the bruising starts to some out.  My class thought I was very colleagues just laughed at my latest injury - I am a little unco.

Guess my baby bears will have to look after me for a change tonight, lol.


  1. Oh NO... especially at this time of year when we are so busy and on the go! Hope it feels better soon! :)

  2. Oh no Claire. It looks so sore. Always good when the class are sympathetic. Hope it improves before you are in holidays.

  3. ouch looks very sore,hope it is better tomorrow.xx


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