Monday, June 24, 2013

A surprise!

I got mail from Sharon.
It is the next part of our  Let's Celebrate swap organised by
the lovely Mrs. Martin.
This time is was around the theme
"Biggest Morning Tea".

 Yummy teas, coffees and Timtams!
I am spoilt.

Sharon also made me the cutest mug bag -
complete with tea cups!

Now I can't wait for Sharon (Hi Sharon!) to receive her gift and see 
if she gets the giggles like I did.  She will understand :)


  1. OOOh yummo... bet you use the cup and bag today.... AND taste test those delicious treats too... :)

  2. Hi Claire, I have just sent you an email as mine has arrived and now I can say what I didnt in the email "Snap":o) another fun installment for this swap. hugs

  3. Hmmmm!!!!!! Nice goodies Claire. Also Sharon made you a gorgeous mug bag.

  4. Lovely gifts from Sharon. Hugs......


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