Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Confessions of a sew-aholic

This is my fabric cupboard after a recent tidy up.

This is a pile of stuff that doesn't fit inside my cupboard.
(sorry forgot to rotate the picture)
It is an assortment of unfinished projects, mending and goodness knows what, really.

This is a basket that sits on the floor in front of my cupboard as there 
is nowhere else to put it.
It is home to 2 completed quilts and 2 unfinished quilts.
There are also some polystyrene balls bought for Christmas baubles last year...

This is a stack of crates that also just sit there, 
full of fabric that won't fit in my cupboard
and an assortment of sewing gadgets.

There is this one, a little crate that sits under the ironing board,
filled with batting, stuffing and fabric.

Finally, there is the monster - Marcelle.
She is sitting on top of my printer on top of my sewing cabinet 
that I don't use because it wont fit in the space I have.
See how much trouble I'm in?

I think I need an intervention.
Any thoughts?


  1. Whoah! That is a lot of stuff! Make a list, do them one by one, you are allowed to buy new fabric as soon as you finished one?

  2. Just concentrate on one at a time and don't become overwhelmed by it all :)

  3. Go through your pile of ufo's and put them into kits with everything you need to complete them. Then have three projects individually boxed and work on these only. Everything else out of sight somewhere until it is time to fill up a box with another project. You will be surprised how quickly they will get done when you are not worrying about other ufo's. Its hard when you work so much too but even just 30 mins here and there will see results.

  4. No advice. It is great to have a storage place it places for it all. Enjoy using it all.

  5. LOL that is why I am in sew many on line things that is supposed to help complete my UFOs etc....


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