Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Friends Having Fun Swap

As soon as I opened the post envelope all pulled out this parcel,
I was so excited!
I didn't want to open it!
(ok maybe a little)
But the wrapping alone was perfect - look at that colour combination!

I did open it and found all of this!
Fabric, thread, coffee and chocolate.
This is me to a T!

The label on the back was just beautiful and something
I will cherish every time I touch it.
Knowing that it was made for me, just me...

I spread it out to find this.

Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Michelle has given me the most perfect gifts
and I just can't thank her enough.

This has been a lovely swap - thanks to both 
Shez and Peg for organising it.

As for me, well I was to make for Peg.
That made me sweat - have you seen what she produces???

Anyway as it turns out...
 I am fairly hopeless and forgot, yet again to take
photos of what I sent to Peg.

I did take a photo of this little pouch
(I hope Peg appreciates hoe hard it was for me to part
with some of my beloved Bonnie and Camille), lol.

This is the beginnings of the Dresden I made for Peg.
It ended up on a white back ground and in 
a giant embroidery hoop for Peg to hang.
(According to my husband, it was a dumb thing
because it didn't fit properly into any of the normal
post bags and he had to super-size it.)
Poor love...men.

Hopefully Peg has taken super photos.


  1. Wow Claire.....you are one very spoit girl as well...love your dresden from Michelle.....and me....Claire thank you so much I loved everything...your work is amazing....massive hugs....and it has been a great swap...xxxxxx

  2. Michelle has made you a gorgeous table runner. The Dresden you made for Peg is lovely too. Along with that cute zippered pouch. Enjoy your goodies, Claire.

  3. Lovely table runner - what a great swap!

  4. Stunning table runner Michelle has certainly spoilt you. What a great idea with the hoop your stitching and dresden look beautiful !!!

  5. wow and double wow all these gifts are amazing,well done girls it has been so much fun seeing what you girls have come up with.xx

  6. Lovely runner from Michelle, beautiful... and I love what you made Peg... very clever ideas from both of you...

  7. Glad you liked my giftie Claire. I really enjoyed stitching for you (the chokkie nearly didn't make it a couple of times). I love what you made Peg...beautiful! What fun we have had xxx

  8. What a beautiful table runner Claire.. Love the gift you made Peg. This was a lovely swap to be involed in.. Have seen some lovely Dresdan ideas.

  9. You got a wonderful parcel and that wee pouch you made is gorgeous! Great swapping all round.

  10. Gorgeous gifts from Michelle. The table runner is a delight! And all the little extras make it perfect.
    And the goodies you made for Peg are so special, too. Isn't it funny the way we are in such a rush to pack and send that we forget photos!!


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