Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I had to add a few more yarns to the collection
for the crochet blanket I'm working on.
I still think I need a few more colours but
will make do with what I have.

The husband asked what it was.
I told him a blanket.
He asked who for.
I said I didn't know - probably the new house.
He rolled his eyes.
That was just rude.  
Doesn't he understand my need to fill this new house?

Besides, sometimes we just create - right?
By Sunday evening there were 12 of them.
Last night I added another 3.

At this rate there will be 36 in about 11 days...


  1. Oh I think it will make a lovely new addition for your new home,I see where you are coming from.xx

  2. Yes rude. Now can you add white and make the final blocks square, sew them together and send it to meeeeee. :). Please

  3. Looking lovely. I like the colour selection! Ignore the family members who do not agree!

  4. It's looking lovely and will look wonderful in your new home.

  5. Rolled his eyes - typical! Don't they know that if we didn't have these sewing and crochet things to distract us we would have to kill them all?

  6. Lol rolling eyes! Do you own a nice big heavy cast iron frypan to threaten him with LOL. Well with school holidays your blanket is going to grow really quickly. Love the bright, happy colours.


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