Monday, September 1, 2014

Boxy Pouches

2 different patterns
2 different interfacings
2 similar but different results.

This one was the more detailed pattern in the number of steps
to create the pouch.
Towards the end it was fiddly because I was working
with small pieces.

The pattern called for ironing a fold down the middle of each piece.
I then had trouble ironing out that fold.
I think it should come good over time.
The interfacing was one from Spotlight and held any ironed shape very well.

Over- all a great pattern and I was pleased with the result.

This was the second one.
A different pattern, less pieces and less steps,
however not as neat on the inside.
If you're not into exposed/raw seams, then this pattern is not for you.

For this one I used Pellon shape flex.
Oh boy!
I'd never used it before.
I bought some on e-bay to try as I keep seeing it in patterns.
Shops owners of Australia -
It is firm yet flexible, hence the name.
You can iron it and it is still pliable.
I loved working with it.

Overall I prefer the second boxy pouch -
it's Bonnie and Camille,
it was quick,
it was super easy and not fiddly,
the shape is better (due to the shape flex).

Oh and these are my first 2 finishes for September.


  1. These are awesome Claire....2 already, well done

  2. Did I spread my boxy pouches addiction?

  3. Great looking pouches, thanks for the great explanations :)

  4. Both are lovely. And thanks for telling us about the new product. Sounds very interesting.

  5. Hi Clairebear they are lovely,well done and 2 finishes and its only the 1st,awesome my friend.xx

  6. Well done Claire love the second one - very pretty..


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