Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I bought a Fitbit at the start on May.
I was curious to see how much I moved.
Well I have moved a bit since then.

A thousand kilometers to be precise.
I love that my Fitbit gives me messages,
badges and vibrations.

It certainly has encouraged me to move a bit more.

It has even motivated a few more people at work
to buy them and get moving.

Amazing how a little device can encourage a bunch of adults to move!


  1. hi Clairebear what a great idea.xx

  2. Claire I couldn't buy one it would tell me I'm a lazy slob...

  3. Well done! Hmm I am with Keryn...LOL plus I wouldn't know how to work it..

  4. Which do you have? I'm thinking of getting my OH one for his birthday

  5. I"ve just ordered mine....can't wait for it to arrive.....I sit on my butt toooooo much! need some extra encouragement! xox Congrats on such a great milestone! xox :o)

  6. I'm thinking I need to get one. Do you go for daily walks, or seem to make up the steps in your normal daily routine as a teacher? A colleague wore a pedometer recently and found he walked 14km in his week at school!


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