Sunday, October 19, 2014

Special delivery

And not from the stork either...
Think I would cry if there was to be one of those deliveries at my age and stage...

A very happy delivery though!
I have only bought from Craftsy once before and it was  s.l.o.w.
I knew this was a gamble...
I was surprised at how quick it was,
just under 2 weeks.
Things are improving.

I have a thing for both rainbows and graded fabric at the moment.
This is my reward to myself for the end of year.
Any excuse, right?
Plus it was on sale AND I have the perfect wall for it to hang on...

Who is going to deny me this lot?

So, anyone know of a fast and reasonably price long arm quilter out there
who might be interested in a load of quilts in desperate need of attention?


  1. Love your fabrics. I just ordered for the first time from Craftsy so that is good to know. Good luck finding a long arm quilter I use Jemima's in Craigieburn and have been really pleased with the results and have found their prices reasonable.

  2. Beautiful fabrics. I need a longarm quilter to but in Qld. Hugs, xx

  3. Enjoy those beautiful rainbow fabrics. You deserve a treat.LOL.
    I would like to find a reasonable priced longarm quilter too but in West Aussie.

  4. You could always talk with Linda at LadyBug Quilting here in Bendigo. She works wonders on mine :o)

  5. Beautiful fabrics, you should try patchworks plus here in tassie, Sarah has a gammil and it does amazing things.

  6. I knew you had to have some Miss Kate!

  7. The best sort of special delivery too. I agree as I would not want to go down that path either lol. Glad I had our girls while in my mid 20's and not starting now like some of my old school friends in their 40s!!!

  8. Miss seeing what you get up to claire

  9. Hi Claire, was going through my blog list and thought I'd write and say HI ... do hope alls going well for you and yours.
    Hugz Maria


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