Thursday, October 9, 2014

This kid...

Sneaks into my bed sometimes to sleep when his Dad is on night-shift.

This kid has a lot of little toys and things.
That sometimes get stood on or sucked up into the vacuum.
He says it's because he has nowhere to put them.

I decided to fix that!
I made him a draw-string bag to put them in.

 It was super easy!

I followed the instructions from the blog
'in color order'.

In no time at all I had a finish.
I can now hang things on my stairs to take photos.

 I love my stairs for that reason!

 I gave it to the little monster.

I then found him here again that night.
Lucky he is so cute to look at when he is sleeping...


  1. Cute little bag, Claire. Now he has no excuse for leaving little things lying around! They do look so cute when they are asleep, don't they!

  2. Kids look cute sleeping because it keeps us from throttling them otherwise. We go all mushy and soft as soon as we look at their little sleeping selves. Good idea with the draw string bag. It looks great, as do the stairs.

  3. Treasure those times when he climbs into your bed because you will blink and he will be all grown and you will miss those moments.
    Nothing worse than standing on Lego in the middle of the night...

  4. great post.... cute kid...

  5. Hi Clairebear,he sure. Is a cutie.xx

  6. Great Bag Claire....and your boy is a cutie.....


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