Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday and a birthday... turn for another birthday - in my head I am 28...lets leave it at that.

I spent the day sewing and watching movies.  Not a bad way to be (oh and with some sort of stomach bug) on your birthday.  I popped out to Spotlight and grabbed a few things, one being the necessary items for my bag for the black and white swap.  Can't wait to get started on that.

I did manage to finish off 3 quilt tops.  A blue one for a boy...

A floral one for a girl (don't you just love baby bear #2's little legs poking out underneath?)

And another pink and blue one for a little girl.  These little babies are going somewhere special, but more on that once they are finished and ready to go.
So that was my day...another weekend gone.  2 more days and then 2 weeks off including a trip to the dentist and a trip to hospital, oh and a love affair with my Janome.


  1. happy bithday Claire,love your quilts,well done.xx

  2. hi, thank you for posting a welcome to my new blog. The little floral quilt is so pretty! happy birthday, too. debbie


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