Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunny Days

The weather here the past couple of days has been just gorgeous, perfect holidays weather for the school holidays.  We've had visits, reading, sleeps overs, movies, bowling, shopping, cooking, walks and a teeny tiny bit of crafting.

We've had lazy, cuddly mornings which are a real luxury these days, especially with weekend sports requiring early starts both Saturday and Sunday.  Oh and breakfast in MY bed.

We've worked on my car, checking water levels, oil levels and cleaning the windscreen - inside and out.

We've even been a little bit naughty and had one of these - it was very yummy for something naughty.

I've almost finished this one.  I am loving this series of novels and think this is now the 5th one I've read.  Can't wait for the end of the school year to read more.

And finally this little baby is almost finished and will be going somewhere very special.  More on that once it is done.

So that has been what's been going on around here since my visit to the hospital and the kids are keeping me busy to make up for the 2 lost days.  I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. lovely post Claire.xx

  2. Lots of things happening in your home. Looking forward to seeing more of that quilt. hugs


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