Monday, April 16, 2012


This blog is supposed to be about my quilting and crafting.  It is supposed to be MY place.  Every now and then when I empty my camera I come across a picture that says something to me.

In this particular instance this photo is of baby bear #3.

Despite the ice cream around his face he is a constant joy and struggle at the same time.  He has blessed us with his need for routine, his inability to socialise like the rest of us, his dislike of crowds, noise, smells and certain foods, his obsession with Buzz Lightyear and his need to make squares and line up his shoes.

Every day brings new challenges.

It's not easy.  In fact, it is down right damn hard, but somehow we survive each day.  Some days we even manage some laughs and it's not every night that my kids eat Easy Mac (that's reserved for the REALLY bad ones).

Autism makes you want to have these 'icecream moments' often. 

There is peace. 

There is calm.

There is quiet.

There is a moment.

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