Saturday, August 10, 2013


This is where I am.

Hard to take, I know.

Leaving the Australian winter behind was tough...
Nah, who am I kidding - best decision ever.

We visited the Nadi Fire Station and had a tour and looked 
at some of the trucks that were once CFA trucks.

Visited the mud pool and spa - got treated well 
by one of the locals...this is the only time 
I have allowed my kids to play in mud.

And of course the obligatory photo with the local
law enforcement.  Turns out there was
a big political conference here at the resort
for 3 days and so there was an awful lot of
security around the place.

We have just found out that our flight home has been
cancelled and are currently waiting to find out
when we can get home.  


  1. Enjoy your trip home but have those jumpers handy as the weather has not improved over the last week. hugs

  2. I didn't know you were away as we just spoke (email)...but so HaPPy for you!
    EnJoY your time doing it tuff! :)

  3. what a gorgeous place to have a holiday Claire and so glad you are all having fun and hope you have a safe travel home,and Shaz is right its been so cold here,you will be back into jumpers in no time,lol.xx

  4. Better the flight home being cancelled than the one that got you there. Looks like a great holiday. Love the mud shot and is that really you in a photo?!?!?!


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