Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Sharon and I have been blog buddies for some time 
and were partnered
up for Mrs Martin's celebration swap.

One of the celebrations we were to acknowledge 
were each other's birthdays and
what better way that to do that,
than on a blog?

 Sharon is getting this bag that I made out of one of
Bonnie & Camille's fabrics 
(Sharon LOVES B&C).

A pocket purse - she can slip all sorts of 
things in there.

A glasses case out of the General,
I know she is a little partial to him.

 Another little pouch that she can put
make-up or whatever into.

And the beast.  Those stupid bees we emailed
over Sharon, were all for you!

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people 
I know, and someone who I am 
proud to call my friend.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I LOVE my beautiful gifts Claire. I will treasure my Bee :) I had no idea. You have spoilt me. Huge thank you. I am so pleased that you are not just a blogger friend but a real friend who I'd drop everything to do anything for. Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely post and beautiful gifts. Hugs......

  3. wow Claire love the gifts you made for Shaz ,they are all so gorgeous.xx

  4. What a great and carefully thought out gift. That bee hexie is priceless.


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