Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I read a lot.
Mostly it's for work - I spend my days
surrounded by books of various kinds and
information, reports, tests, data, etc.

I do love to relax with a good novel.
This is mostly during holiday time.

I discovered Linda Castillo and her character
Kate Burkholder from Painters Mill.

It was because of my interest in the Amish that I found these books.
On my recent trip to Fiji I took just one novel, not sure how much reading I would actually do.
Bad move - done in 3 nights.

I then had nothing to read.

There are no more novels in this series left for me to read.

I hope Linda writes more.

If you like murder, mystery, romance and Amish life style, then you should read these books.


  1. glad you enjoyed your book Claire.xx

  2. I really should recharge the kindle and start reading again. hugs


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