Sunday, August 18, 2013

FNSI rehash

Handmade by Heidi

This is what I was supposed to do on Friday night.

When in reality I was doing a lot of this.

Yes texting, trying to organise accommodation
for 11 people, not easy considering most clever people
have already booked their Christmas vacation...
guess that means I'm not that smart.

I did manage to finish this one.

And managed to get started on this one.

One day I will have my BFF finished.


  1. Yes - I can imagine it would take some organising to book accommodation for 11 people! Your stitchery blocks look beautiful

  2. Cute stitching! I have been to Fiji once too (long story I won't bore you with) but I did have a very nice time. What a very pretty place it is. xx debbie

  3. Good luck with all the accommodation booking. Love the BFF it will happen. You will finish.

  4. :) lol at least you got a little sewing done :) hugs

  5. Good luck with the booking.
    A least you did manage a little stitching.

  6. I hope you get it all sorted..some lovely stitching there

  7. beautiful work Claire,hope you had a wonderful weekend.xx

  8. Such cute stitching! Good luck with booking the accommodation.

  9. and they're gorgeous Claire!!! At least you weren't stuck on Candy Crush like 'someone' I know fairly well *ahem*!!!!! LOL
    xox sugary hugs :o)

  10. Any stitching is good... organising a holiday~ perhaps even better! :)


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