Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And then there was 3...

Over the weekend the big goober was at Scoutorama
helping lead activities as he is a Venturer now.

The husbeast was gone too.
He went on a weekend away to a resort.
Ok it was Fiskville (the CFA's training facility at Ballan)
(so it was me and the 2 little bears home alone for the weekend...)

He has begun his fire investigator course to further his qualifications.
He has wanted to do this course for a long time.

He has returned from the weekend as a
Fire investigator trainee.

In about 6 months his training should be complete.

He bought home a pen.

And kept it for himself.
He didn't even stop at Mill Rose and buy me a present.


  1. Oh well, Claire. You'll just have to go to Mill Rose Cottage and buy your own present!

  2. What a fascinating course. Maybe he will call in next time?

  3. Order fabric and make him pay for it. ;-)

  4. LOL there are ways of getting back! Hope he enjoys the course and you will have to let us know how it goes.


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