Sunday, March 23, 2014

Friday Night

I was supposed to sew,
come hell or high water.

Well there was neither hell nor high water but there was...

Yep, after months and months of waiting the stairs are in.
The husband knew they were in and took 
me to have a look after school.
So we spent a bit of time looking in the windows
(this is pretty tricky as they are still covered in blue plastic and very dirty).
We are having a proper walk through on Tuesday.

After that we went home and it was time for dinner.

I had bought home some corrections so hit them.

I was tempted to hit the machine but Essendon was playing.
This means the husband yells at the television.
Funny how this season he seems to love Paul Chapman...
he didn't have very nice things to say when he played for my beloved Cats!

So I sat in another room and quietly did this.

I was given this to read for work.
Was thinking I should start it...

Maybe this week?

Hope your Friday night was more successful than mine.


  1. Hi Claire, being an Essendon supporter I got a giggle out of your husband's comment re Paul Chapman. I think he has won everyone at Essendon over. Your stitching is lovely.

  2. Love your stitchey, let me know how the book reads as I'd be interested in getting a copy from my library on your recommendation :) Barb.

  3. Oh I bet you are sew looking forward to Tuesday when you can walk through your new home......
    Hmmm I am not a footy fan at all sew spend a lot of time in my cave watching my tele and sewing.
    Nice stitchery you are working on Claire

  4. How exciting bet you can't wait till Tuesday. I might need to borrow that book for when I start my Dresden Plate (lol).

  5. Love you stitchery, the book could come in handy to have on the side for those .......projects that don't want to listen to our way of sewing.

  6. How exciting to see the stairs in place!!
    Glad you managed to get in some stitching.

  7. that is exciting...a little stitching goes a long way...mmm, I know a few people that might benefit from that book.


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