Friday, March 14, 2014

On the inside...

of the boxes from the postie were these lovelies.

Firstly there was the box from Marmalade Fabrics.
That Tammy is so smart - she always emails me when the monthly
Around the Colour Wheel is ready to ship - to see if I need anything else.
Well hello!  Of course I need more fabric (who doesn't, right?)

I'm loving this little section of the colour wheel.


Then there is the low volume fabrics - I just had to have.
I mean, who wouldn't - look at them they're gorgeous!

A re-stock of 3 of my favorites because someone promised
Sharon they would make her a Traveler Tote and these were
the colours she wanted.  I think she might just be a little enabler...

Then there was the box from the Fat Quarter Shop.
I had a coupon for 20% off so I did - take it off.
I started collecting for my Lucy Boston.
Sometimes the pictures on the Internet look way different to real life.

I bought 3 bundles for Lucy.  The first and the 3 I really like.
The second I'm not so sure.
She might just be the ugly step sister.
One day when I get around to it and actually play with the fabrics
I will have a better idea.

Then I had this little bundle made up -
so happy, sigh.

And finally some showers - April that is.

So there you have it - all that was in those 2 boxes.
And the husband didn't say a word.
He's well trained.


  1. Lots of lovely fabric there, Claire. Enjoy playing with it.

  2. Wow It's like Christmas with all those gorgeous fabric parcels. ENJOY !!!!

  3. Ahh nothing like a little fabric porn to start my day :o)

  4. Bless your husband he knows the rule - happy wife happy life. Fabric is beautiful especially the blues.

  5. How lovely. Nothing beats those packages when they arrive at your door. Enjoy!

  6. WOW!!!! Sew many yummy packages with delicious fabrics....

  7. Wow awesome buys Clairebear.xx

  8. Oooooh, lucky you. Fabulous parcels


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