Monday, March 17, 2014


I started this a long time ago and then it got put into a 
draw in my sewing cabinet and well...

I got it out last weekend and finished the last 2 rows,
still loving the fabric from a long time ago.

This weekend I quilted simple straight lines and put 
a very plain binding on it.
It is going to school to be raffled off to raise funds for

I had also started this quilt last weekend and
just needed to quilt it and bind it.
This is also going to be raffled off for Caritas.

Caritas has been raising funds for missions for 50 years in Australia.
At my school, we support Project Compassion every Lent.
Our goal is to raise $2000.
Hopefully these 2 items will go a little way towards reaching our target.


  1. Your quilts look great Claire. Good luck with the fund raising.

  2. Well done you. What great contributions!

  3. Quilts look beautiful I'm sure they will raise lots, what a lovely thing for you to do.

  4. Two lovely quilts Claire. I hope you help raise heaps. Such a great cause.

  5. Lovely quilts. I hope they do really well. Good luck with the fund raiser.

  6. Lovely finishes Claire. Hugs......


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