Monday, October 7, 2013

Crying into my toast

There are mothers all over Victoria waking up today 
jumping for joy and singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Not this little black duck. 

I am unhappy.
Cheesed off.
Hating the fact that I have to go back to school.

I love being at home, pottering, sewing, internet shopping.

11 weeks of work until the big sewing break.
So that's 55 school days, 22 sewing/shopping/chore days
and one public holiday.  
There's also 2 weeks of swimming thrown in, along with reports, next years class lists,
Christmas functions (yay), presents (yes Simone this means your presents).

I think I can handle it.
I think I will make it.


  1. You're so funny. Start the countdown now. And keep buying those lottery tickets.

  2. lol you are so funny Claire bear,it will be holidays again before you know it,i will think of you today,have fun.xx

  3. My toast will be soggy tomorrow as I make the most of a public holiday today.

  4. I understand your pain..because that will be me next week..we are in the 2nd week of the holidays here..and I have done my calculations just 41 days next term for me....hope the day wasn't too hard for you..

  5. Oh no. I am sure you have survived the day and even had a better day than me. hugs

  6. I was reading your post sympathising with all teachers who are retuning back to work.
    I go back but seeing I don't work in classrooms full time at this moment I know exactly how you feel. I got a lovely surprise to read my name in your post. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Good luck Clair bear...hope the first day back went well for you...I go back Wednesday and don't want to either and I am a support person not a teacher!!!! Hang in there!

  8. Hope it won't be too painful going back, remember it is the last term and a big holiday to look forward to at the end. Hugs......


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