Saturday, October 5, 2013

FNSI recap

My FNSI was very productive this month.
Seeing as it was school holidays I decided
to make the most of it and start early.

Firstly I finished off my 120 HST for a quilt.
I still need to trim them but by this point it was time
to take a break and take baby bear #2 to visit the dentist.

I then did some straight line quilting for a little project.

I then did some hand stitching on a cathedral window project.

I also watched a movie and cleaned up the kitchen after letting 
the kids feed themselves tonight - it was gobble and go.

I also had a quick look at this lovely little kit that arrived this morning.
I showed great restraint and decided not to start it tonight.

It's the Grab and Go bag
and it uses vinyl fabric.

Well I'm going to have a cup of mocha 
and then check out what others go up to.


  1. You had a productive night with all your friends Claire,
    Thanks for stopping over. I might join you in a coffee about now too! :)

  2. You did have a very productive night. You must also be pleased with these school holidays as you have done so much sewing. hugs

  3. All of you projects look wonderful, I love the catherdal window,this is something that I have been wanting to try. have a wonderful day

  4. You sure did get a lot done. I love the look of the straight line quilting. Sometimes, simple is just better! xx debbie

  5. Loads of things. Love the fabrics and your little pincushion looks great.

  6. You did get lost done as well as have a busy day. The bag looks like fun.

  7. Lots of things worked on. Love that bag kit, will look forward to seeing it finished. Hugs......

  8. Very happy you got a full day in. Love the bag kit.

  9. Nothing like a busy day, love them!

  10. You certainly achieved a lot well done, cute bag pattern :-)

  11. You must have been up with the larks..... a very productive day; more self control than me I would have had to start the bag LOL.


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