Monday, October 14, 2013

Swooning around

I haven't sewn for days and I feel like my throat has been cut.
It is my release from everything - my happy place.
So today, after correcting school work and planning
and preparing some new maths activities,
shopping and running around
I decided to 'swoon' around a little.

 Now I did jump on the Swoon bandwagon on Flickr when Katy(I'm a ginger monkey fame)
started the swoon-along, but one thing led to another...

 My 4 completed blocks are in a storage container waiting for me to get on with it.
Today instead of getting on with it,
I started something new (I know finish something!)

A swoon block to be made into a wall hanging for my craft room in the new house.
House won't be finished for months yet, so there is a very
good chance that the house will be finished
before the wall hanging.
I'm using some V & Co, grey homespun and white homespun
I'm FMQ Baptsit fans all over.


  1. Go on, you can finish it over th Christmas holidays and it can be the first thing hng in the new house. It will instantly turn it into your home.

  2. those blocks are gorgeous Claire bear.xx

  3. Cant wait to see you new swoon block all finished. hugs

  4. Wonderful blocks.
    Greetings Grit


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