Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Something's wrong!

Over the weekend, a little person asked me to sit and
watch a movie with him.

We settled down and got comfy and began to watch.

Part way through a little voice called out,
"Something's wrong with this quilt!"

His feet were poking out as it was too short.

When he worked it out, he promptly told me to
not make small quilts that don't cover his feet.

Nothing worse than a wrong quilt.


  1. Mum will have to make him a right quilt!

  2. LOL! I bet your heart sunk and thought you had made a mistake in the sewing Claire!

  3. Oh Bless him Claire, how sweet he is. hugs

  4. lol thats so funny,do you think bear 3 is hinting for a new quilt,maybe santa will bring him one,have an awesome day my friend.xx

  5. Guess a new one is in order Mum. Hugs......

  6. Did you tell him to stop growing?! ;-)


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