Monday, May 5, 2014

Friday night through to Sunday

The weekend in a nutshell.
Boy it goes fast!
I stayed at school until late - waiting for baby bear #3 
to get back from camp, so it was about 5:30 when we got home.
It wasn't until after dinner that I got some time for myself.

My Bonnie and Camille collection had grown,
with the addition of some Ruby.

Also a layer cake and some yardage of
Simple Abundance.
I love my postie...

I only managed a few rows on my cowl
and then prepared some of the EPP
for my Wagon Wheels quilt.
I haven't touched it for such a long time.

Here's one of 36 done.

Saturday morning was groceries and washing
and a few scraps.
Scraps always make such pretty photos.

My modern instabee block for April.
I had already made one, but wasn't happy with it, 
so I made another one.
now my partner will get 2. 

Sunday morning there was
some Insagram love for me when I woke up.
Have I mentioned how much I love Instagram?

There may have been a bag of these...

 Used while working on these...
yep almost report writing time.
(yes that is the remnants of an Easter bunny and a pile of fabric - it's motivation)

 I then smashed out another one of these.

 Prepared a few more EPP pieces.

and wondered when or if I will ever get it finished.

There was also some ironing, cleaning, baking,
driving a child to and from work, church and
an assortment of other things thrown in this weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow I felt tired just reading your week end adventures ! Lots of lovely projects going on !!

  2. lol i am tired now just reading what you got up to Clairebear,lol.xx

  3. looks like we both had a busy weekend. I did try to avoid the chockie though :o)

  4. You were one busy your projects

  5. I am pleased you managed a little bit of time for yourself. Some lovely sewing going on there.
    I do not miss writing reports. It used to take up so much time and I found I couldn't concentrate on other things until they were totally finished. I hope you can bowl them over quickly.


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