Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It is getting closer...
I think we might be down to weeks now instead of months.
We have gas hooked up.

The tiling is almost completed.
This is the en suit and the space under the window
is where the free standing bath is going to go.
I do love a good bath!

This is the shower in the en suit.
We compromised on size a little to gain
a separate toilet.  It now means that the toilet 
is actually in a room all by itself - as toilets should.

Just waiting on my special feature tiles for the niche.


  1. whoo hoo its getting so exciting now for you all Clairebear.xx

  2. It is exciting to see the progress and know that the final date is moving closer!!

  3. Very exciting now! And yes I love our old house with a separate toilet just as it should be lol.


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