Friday, May 2, 2014

Needles and hook

Every year as the weather starts to cool,
I get the urge to create with wool.

This year is no different.
I have joined a site called Ravelry that offers
patterns for knitters and crocheters.
It is a treasure trove of goodness.

I am currently knitting myself a cowl with
an interesting yarn I bought at Spotlight.
I'm still not convinced it is going to sit right.
I think it will be very warm though.

I've been working on my Starburst blanket.
I'm putting the border on at the moment.
I'm just not sure how many rounds I will do 
and how fancy or plain to keep it.

Oh and I made my lamb and vegetable soup.
It's delicious.


  1. That soup looks so good....and I do like both of your projects...the cowl looks great

  2. Claire your projects look wonderful. I'm a little poorly a bowl of that delicious looking soup would fix me up in no time at all!

  3. Beautiful cosy work at your place Claire...your soup looks delish too!

  4. Love seeing those yarn projects. That blanket is looking great. And I think the soup will be needed as warm up this weekend.

  5. Loving your crochet blanket. Im off to the Bendigo Wollen Mills this week :o)

  6. That crochet blanket is going to be amazing!!!


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