Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I have been able to add to my 
Bonnie and Camille collection.

Instagram is a wonderful place,
especially when there are
destash sales.

I am thrilled with the arrival of my Cotton Blossoms jelly roll.
I've had some yardage for a little while but not a pre-cut.

So, what I want to know is...
is there such a thing as too much fabric?
And if there is, then how much, is too much?


  1. No, you can never have too much fabbie!

  2. Nope!!!!! So the second question does not apply Lol! Enjoy!!!

  3. That's right you can NEVER have too much fabric Claire ...

  4. No, never.
    Well maybe yes if you can no longer fit inside your house because of your stash!

  5. Well, I am finding that I have more fabric than I will probably ever be able to use but can't seem to stop buying more. So I would say the answer is no! Variety is very important. Sounds good anyway!

  6. As long as you love everything you have then I see no problem. hugs


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