Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I found...

A new shop on Etsy.

I am not being paid for this review 
and it is my experience that I write from.

I figure we all need to find great people to buy fabric from 
and we should share when we find them.
I found one.

The shop is called Stitcherina and is owned by Rina.
Let me tell you that she is lovely and very helpful.

Everything came beautifully wrapped and there was even 
a couple of extra pieces as a thank you 
(any free fabric is great fabric in my book).
Oh an a lovely hand written note - I love hand written notes.

I had found fabric heaven here with a 
selection of Ruby fat quarters.

Then I found "it".
The rarest gem -
 Cotton Blossoms.

Rina has a wonderful variety of fabrics - 
pre-cuts, kits and more.
She has a vareity of designers and there is something to
please everyone.

If you don't mind paying the little extra for shipping
then this shop is well worth the while of looking at.

Tell Rina I sent you - she's awfully nice!


  1. Yummy...will check it our thanks Claire....

  2. Claire, you sweetheart!! I am SO tremendously grateful for your recommendation! It means so much to me that you had a great experience at Stitcherina, and that you want to share that with your sewing friends. You ROCK! Can't wait to send your next order! :)

  3. You found Ruby! Excellent, and good friendly customer service. Can't get better than that, my friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing Claire. Love all your purchases...and yes Rina does sound NiCE !

  5. Great purchases. Me still thinks you need an intervention :( or maybe you need to start using some of the gorgeous fabric and appreciate it in its "sewn form" :) hugs

  6. Lovely fabrics to keep you very happy!


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