Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bow Ties

So it is finished.  It was a quick and easy quilt to piece.  I used one layer cake and some yardage I had on had.  I think the least desirable part of the process was the cutting. On a positive note with the cutting, there are some reasonable sized pieces left from the layer cake that I will be able to use in a future 'scrappy' project.

I asked the kids to hold the quilt for me, don't you just love those little feet?

My free motion quilting continues to improve.  I have been doing lots of reading from other quilters about what works for them.  For me, my machine needs to be on a stitch length of 0 with the tension turned to about 8 (otherwise I get all sorts of funky things happening on the underside, especially when sewing curves or circles.  I bought a supreme slider and think it does make a bit of a difference.  My biggest problem is that at the moment I don't have a designated sewing spot, so I'm using the dining table, this is causing 2 problems - kills my back as the machine sits too high, creates a lot of drag as the machine is higher  and I have to drag the quilt around when manoeuvring it.

I like the back of this quilt.  I was ready to put it all together and didn't have a piece big enough in my stash, so I improvised and created a back to fit with what I had on hand.  I really like the back - still need to put a label on.  I have been printing my own labels and have found the process really simple, just with white fabric, freezer paper and my ink jet printer.

So what do I do with this quilt?  Baby bear #3 informed me today that 'we have too many quilts in this house'...think I have a problem.

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  1. Oooooh! Love the quilted pattern! I've always wanted to create a quilt and do more than just stitch in the ditch! It's beautiful!


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