Monday, January 9, 2012

A moment of madness

What was I thinking when I decided to try one of these?

Originally inspired by this, I went in search of other tutorials to gain further information and found this and also this.  All of which were very helpful and resulted in this;

Needless to say that this has been a W.I.P. for quite sometime and I am determined to finish before I go back to work - the trouble is that it takes forever to sew in the coloured fabric and it's heavy.  I chose to put batting under each coloured square - I really wish now that I hadn't made this choice.  It is bulky to sew and drags a little with all the turning for each side of each window.

I still love the look of Cathedral windows - I am glad that eventually I will have a pretty lap quilt to look at and curse all the blood sweat and tears (pin pricks, hard work and rotten seams needing to be unpicked and resewn) that went into the many, many hours to make up this 'I can do that' quilt.

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